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Volkswagen's EV concept is a peek into the company's future

We'll see the whole mamma jamma in Paris later this month.

The world could always use a few more hatchbacks.


It's time to forget about diesel. Volkswagen's ready to unveil its electrified aspirations to the world, and it's chosen the Paris Motor Show as the place to do so. When the show kicks off in less than a fortnight, the German automaker will treat the world to a design study that looks at the future of the brand as it attempts to leave Dieselgate behind.

The car is just a design study, so don't expect this flowing form to land at dealerships when the company starts producing electric cars. There is one production-ready bit in there, though -- the all-new MEB platform, which Volkswagen will use as the basis for a number of future electric vehicles.

This concept looks the business. Its front end is unlike the angular style currently dominating VW's offerings, and the rear end has a hatchback, looking a bit like the current Golf. Of course, there's a whole lot we're not seeing just yet, but the future is looking good based on this initial glimpse.

Volkswagen promises that this car will be "as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven decades ago," which is a hell of a tall order. The Paris Motor Show gets underway in the last week of September.