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VW expands crossover onslaught with new Geneva concept

The automaker is also slated to roll out several updated products, including a refreshed seventh-generation Golf and a new Up city car.

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With the Geneva International Motor Show arriving next week, VW's not going to rely on old products -- instead, there's a whole new concept coming to Switzerland.

The as-of-yet unnamed concept is, quite clearly, a crossover, and Volkswagen's press release acknowledges that. It also states that the automaker will use this concept as "the beginning of a broad SUV offensive," so don't expect this to be a revamped version of a current model.

The concept will have minimal controls, echoing the interior of the BUDD-e concept, a new-wave Microbus with an all-electric drivetrain that the Germany company unveiled in January.

Volkswagen also plans to update a few existing models for Geneva. For the European market, the brand will unveil a new version of its Up subcompact car with three different kinds of drivetrains -- gasoline, natural gas and electric. Also rumored to appear is a refreshed seventh-generation Golf.