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Volkswagen could be readying another ID concept for LA, report says

We've seen lots of ID concepts, but not much in the way of production-ready models.

VW's ID 3 hatchback is so far the only ID model to be taking actual preorders, though others are planned for production.


To those of us paying close attention to Volkswagen's electric car ambitions since the Dieselgate scandal unfolded, it seems like the German brand has been rolling out new ID -- VW-speak for electric car -- concepts like crazy. 

Well, guess what? There's a new ID concept coming down the pipe, and it's destined to be revealed at the LA Auto Show, according to a report published Monday by Green Car Reports

Now, it's important to keep in mind that VW has repeatedly stated its intention to build 27 new EVs by 2022, but the only one that's gone to production is the ID 3 hatchback, and we won't get that in the US.

Volkswagen has said that the ID Buzz is going into production in 2022, as is the ID Crozz in 2020 and possibly the ID Roomzz and ID Vizzion but we haven't seen production-ready versions of any of those.

The Green Car Reports story speculates that the planned debut for LA would be a small crossover EV called the ID 2, but considering that the most recent ID concept we've seen was a dune buggy, who can really say at this point what the next one will be?

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