VW cuts 2018 Tiguan SUV price by up to $2,000

All but the top trim received various price cuts in order to make the vehicles more appealing to buyers from other brands.

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Sometimes old tricks work plenty well in modern times. Say, for example, you're worried that your new crossover might be a bit too expensive, even though sales are up. Well, silly, all you need to do is slash the price a bit!

Volkswagen has reduced the price of the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan effective immediately, Automotive News reports, citing a letter from the automaker to its dealerships. These cuts have been confirmed with pricing documents on VW's press site. Check out the chart below to see how the prices have changed. All prices include VW's $900 destination charge:

2018.5 Volkswagen Tiguan Pricing

Model Old MSRPNew MSRPNet Change
Tiguan S FWD $26,095 $25,495 -$600
Tiguan S AWD $27,395 $26,795 -$600
Tiguan SE FWD $29,830 $27,650 -$2,180
Tiguan SE AWD $31,130 $28,950 -$2,180
Tiguan SEL FWD $33,450 $31,990 -$1,460
Tiguan SEL AWD $34,750 $33,290 -$1,460
Tiguan SEL Premium FWD $37,150 $37,150 $0
Tiguan SEL Premium AWD $38,450 $38,450 $0

The only trim that isn't getting slashed is the top SEL Premium trim, which hovers a few grand short of $40,000. Both all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive variants are included in the price cuts. The Tiguan Limited, a continuation of last generation's model with only two rows, remains untouched at $22,860 including destination.

Volkswagen rolled out its latest Tiguan to US dealerships last summer. With an additional 10 inches of length, the Tiguan grew a third row to better appeal to US buyers (two-row variants are still available in Europe and elsewhere, alongside the larger three-row). It received the IIHS Top Safety Pick award for its crash safety, although mediocre headlights prevented it from getting the top-tier Top Safety Pick+ accolade.

The new Tiguan has reinvigorated the model's sales. After it went on sale in July, VW's monthly Tiguan sales reached heretofore-unseen heights. The Tiguan had its best sales month ever in December, pushing 8,061 units out the door. While those are some strong numbers, the compact crossover segment is hot, with one of its kings -- the RAV4 -- outselling the Tiguan by a factor of four. No wonder VW cut the price a bit.

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