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Volvo to give away $2M worth of cars if Super Bowl Sunday includes a safety

If either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs score a safety, Volvo will give lots of people brand-new cars.

Volvo Safety Sunday 2021
This Super Bowl Sunday, root for safety.

Volvo is back with the chance to win a new car for the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb. 7, but it'll take a big stroke of luck. If either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Kansas City Chiefs score a safety at any point during the big game, Volvo will kick off the giveaway. If not, no cars. It's as simple as that.

The Swedish carmaker announced another round of Volvo Safety Sunday on Monday with double the potential prizes over the same promotion in 2020. Last year, Volvo pledged to give away $1 million worth of new cars. This year, Volvo upped the ante to $2 million in new vehicles. Again, you'll need to hope, pray and wish for a safety to even have a chance for a new car. And first, you'll need to sign up for the giveaway.

If you want to sign up, build your ideal Volvo here, and if everything works in your favor, that's exactly the car you will win. If we do see either team score a safety during the Super Bowl, Volvo will then draw names at random to see who wins a car.

Why a safety? Volvo places a heavy emphasis on safety in its cars, with a goal of saving a million lives with new safety innovations. A "safety" in football occurs when a runner with the ball is tackled in their own end zone, or if the offense commits a foul in their own end zone. In any case, the defense receives two points and possession of the ball. What are the odds? In the 256 regular season games this season, 24 safeties were scored. It happens a bit more often in the Super Bowl, with nine in the 54-year history of the game.

But, if you're just eager for the chance at a free Volvo, the sports talk doesn't matter. Just root for a safety on Feb. 7.

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