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Volvo Car Accident Advisor will offer a post-crash checklist to keep things moving

There's no cost to take advantage of the service.

Your brain is probably running a mile a minute after an accident, and forgetting to document the crash could end up coming back to bite you.

The minutes following a car crash can be confusing and frustrating, and trying to remember every wise step to take in that time might not be the easiest task. That's why Volvo created Volvo Car Accident Advisor.

Volvo on Tuesday unveiled its Car Accident Advisor system. In addition to getting owners in contact with emergency services (something Volvo's been doing for years), the automaker will also supply a checklist and guided documentation to make sure drivers don't forget any of the important post-crash steps, like taking pictures of the accident scene.

In addition to reminding people to take pictures, Volvo Car Accident Advisor's web-based service will let them contact their insurance agent digitally and look for nearby repair shops. The hope is that, in addition to making sure all the T's are crossed, this system will speed up the claims process and get owners back on the road sooner.

"For years, Volvo Cars has been immediately communicating with drivers and passengers as soon as a crash sensor is activated in the car to accelerate the emergency response process," said Scott Doering, Volvo's vice president of customer care in the US, in a statement. "Now with Volvo Car Accident Advisor, the application can guide drivers on what to do next after the driver has confirmed to Volvo Customer Care that they are safe and without injury."

Best of all, a car doesn't have to be a certain model year to take advantage of this service. Vehicles starting with the 2015.5 model year will be able to access the system through the in-car SOS button, but older cars can take advantage of it by calling Volvo Car Customer Care. Volvo mentions that owners should only use this system "in the event of a non-injury producing accident," because if there are injuries, there are more important things to worry about than some silly dent. No matter the age of the car, Volvo Car Accident Advisor is free.