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Good guy Volvo will cover trainee auto technicians' tool costs

Schooling and tool costs are mighty expensive, and Volvo thinks its new program can save newly trained techs up to $20,000.

Volvo Technician Tool Program
Volvo wants to attract modern mechanics and hopes this gesture sweetens the deal.

Here's something you may not know: Aside from paying for their education and certifications, budding auto technicians also need to supply their own tools if they dream of working at a new-car service center, more often than not. The tools aren't cheap, costing thousands of dollars for everything necessary.

Volvo wants to help. In a bid to attract young technicians looking to start a career, the Swedish car brand will cover the essential tools as part of its Volvo Technician Tool Program. A tech will have permanent access to everything needed in a Wurth Tools 72-piece set. The carmaker estimates the program could save newly trained techs up to $20,000 in the process.

Volvo Technician Tool Program

Some of the tools provided to Volvo techs.


What does Volvo get out of this? Modern mechanics better suited to work on the gadgets and computers embedded in today's vehicles, and hopefully some dedicated employees to handle repairs.

The program's been a work in progress for the past six months as Volvo identified the essential tools needed, and it said the response has been incredibly positive so far from Volvo dealers. The 72 tools will accomplish over 80% of work technicians perform, the automaker says.

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