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Volkswagen ID 6 photos leak, show off new EV for China

Volkswagen hasn't decided if the SUV will be sold in the US yet, even though big SUVs are totally in.

Volkswagen ID 6 leaked photo
The ID 4 is much better looking.
Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

One look at this big electric SUV and you'd think you're staring at a new EV for the US, but alas, this is the Volkswagen ID 6 that's only confirmed for China at the moment. The photos of the ID 6, based on the ID Roomzz concept, made their way to Reddit from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Although it's based on the ID Roomzz, it doesn't exactly look like the concept car.

The front face looks far more conventional than the sleek fascia designer fitted to the ID Roomzz concept. I dare say the ID 6 looks a tad frumpy with the front clip sort of drooping before a widened front bumper catches it below. It's not bad looking, but it doesn't spark joy like the ID 3 does.

Final production specs haven't been announced, but the ID Roomzz concept featured an 82 kilowatt-hour battery that VW said would do 280 miles on the lenient WLTP test cycle. As for power, an electric motor for each axle combined for a total of 302 horsepower. None of the specs sound unobtainable for the production ID 6, but we simply don't know yet.

VW's open to bringing the ID 6 here eventually, but it seems like the brand plans to test the waters with the ID 4 first before it makes a final decision. We're in for other electric VWs even if we don't get the big ID 6. Most notably, we're looking forward to the production ID Buzz, which will revive the famed Microbus in a modern fashion.

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