Volkswagen's Beetle is dead, but it wants you to remember the good times

The German carmaker's farewell video has everything including a children's choir singing the Beatles and Kevin Bacon.

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Kyle Hyatt

Volkswagen's is going the way of the dodo, long after the original also ceased production, and a lot of people are bummed about that (though not bummed enough to have bought the Beetle in recent years, we suspect). 

However, in an insidious plot to start a global pandemic of "the feels,"  and likely sell the last Beetles on dealer lots, VW made a video celebrating the long and culturally significant history of its most famous little car.

Oh, and they had a children's choir sing the Beatles' "Let It Be" over the whole thing, which is just the kind of weaponized nostalgia we'd expect from the marketing wizards in Wolfsburg.

Still, the animated short is actually pretty good. It features appearances by iconic people like Andy Warhol and Kevin Bacon. It shows off the intergenerational appeal of the Beetle by tracing one animated family's journey through the decades, and it's also packed with bright colors.

It ends showing the nose of what looks to us to be an electric ID model that is definitely not a Beetle, and proffers the idea that, "Where one road ends, another begins."

Will we see another Beetle from Volkswagen in the coming years? Almost certainly, but this time around, it'll likely be electric just like the reborn Transporter that VW is calling the ID Buzz. Still, until then, there's plenty of sweet, syrupy nostalgia to keep you Beetlemaniacs going strong.

The last hurrah of the Volkswagen Beetle

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