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You can ride an Uber Copter, here’s how

There's one catch: You have to be in New York.

Uber Copter
All aboard the Uber Copter!

Uber Copter launched this summer as the ride-sharing company's first form of aerial transport. So far, it's been exclusive to those who rack up enough rewards to become Platinum and Diamond rewards members, but that's no longer the case.

Starting in October, Uber Copter will be available to every single Uber user residing in New York City. The ride-hailing company's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, made the announcement at an Uber event today. Uber didn't have additional comment beyond confirmation that anyone can use the service next month.

Uber Copter will take riders from lower Manhattan to JFK International Airport, or vice versa. The service is available Monday through Friday during rush hour afternoon trips. No word on if there will be an expanded trip window with the expanded number of riders, however.

Users will see the Copter icon in their Uber app if their journey starts or ends in the designated area the aerial service runs. Should you choose to take to the skies, you'll be prompted to set up an Uber car ride to the heliport, jump in the helicopter and then receive an Uber ride to your final destination. No, Uber Copter won't just plop you down at your exact location in Manhattan. All of the configuring takes place with a single tap, however, Uber promises.

In addition, users can request their trip up to five days in advance to get a jump on things if they're planning on landing at JFK. Those headed to Manhattan from the airport can select a destination south of Houston Street and choose select areas with access to the West Side Highway.

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