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Toyota recalls 43,000 Yaris hatchbacks for bad airbag wiring

Owners should receive recall notifications by mid-June.

If your airbag warning light illuminates, that's not one you want to ignore.

Big, small or in-between -- no vehicles are immune to problems, and thus, no vehicles are immune to recalls. Toyota's latest recall might be on the smaller side footprint-wise, but it affects a decent number of vehicles.

Toyota announced on Tuesday that it will conduct a recall for approximately 43,000 examples of the 2015-2017 Toyota Yaris. This applies to just the hatchback variant, with the sedan seemingly avoiding this recall altogether. Toyota did not specify if the affected vehicles carry a specific series of build dates or VINs.

The problem stems from the wiring connected to the airbag system. Each front door has a side airbag sensor and a wiring harness inside, which connects to the airbag control unit. The harnesses might corrode over time. If that happens, an airbag warning light may illuminate, or the front side airbags and curtain shield airbags might not deploy correctly. An airbag that may malfunction presents an increased risk of injury during a crash. Toyota did not say if any accidents or injuries have been linked to this potential defect.

Upon receiving the recalled vehicles, Toyota technicians will swap out the old wiring harnesses as necessary in favor of improved harnesses, which should fix the problem right up. Toyota said that affected owners should expect to receive a recall notification in the mail by mid-June.