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Toyota Yaris GT7 Edition Might Be the Easiest Way to Get a PS5

Getting a free PS5 with your new car is probably less expensive than what some scalpers are charging.

Even without the GT7-specific touches, the Yaris GR Sport looks pretty slick.

If you thought trying to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 console is difficult now, just wait until the latest iteration of the hallowed Gran Turismo racing series is released next month. Thankfully, Toyota España has come up with a clever way to skip the line at your local GameStop, Motor1 reports, and all you have to do is buy a car.

Toyota España this week announced a limited-edition Toyota Yaris GR Sport GT7 Edition. Available on March 4 -- the day of the game's release -- only 100 units will be built, each carrying special touches like Gran Turismo badging on the exterior, an interior nameplate and a personalized key fob. But the real neat part is what comes with the car: Buyers get not only the Yaris, but also a PS5, a copy of Gran Turismo 7, a second wireless controller and a three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus (about a $665 value in total).

Otherwise, it's a bone-stock Toyota Yaris, which is not a bad thing to get alongside a PS5. This small hatchback has a gas-electric hybrid powertrain producing a thrifty 116 horsepower. The GR Sport model enhances the usual aesthetics by adding 18-inch alloy wheels, a different grille and a unique rear diffuser. Inside, fabric sport seats rock red contrast stitching and GR logos, while the steering wheel is wrapped in leather and also decorated with red stitching.

Toyota's partnership with Gran Turismo extends beyond this special-edition Yaris. Sony will become a sponsor for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Iberian Cup, a single-make racing series put on by Toyota's Spanish and Portuguese counterparts. That partnership will work in the opposite direction, as well. Toyota will offer up a Yaris GT7 Edition to the winner of the Spanish Gran Turismo Championship, and the automaker is also an official partner in the FIA Gran Turismo Championship.

Toyota España did not disclose a price for this special edition, but considering it's limited to 100 examples and is only available in Spain, perhaps you shouldn't abandon your tent outside Best Buy just yet.

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