Toyota teases tarted TRD Avalon, Camry variants for LA Auto Show

Yes, you read that right -- a TRD-kissed Avalon.

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Andrew Krok

The new Toyota Avalon and are both far more rewarding to drive than the cars they replaced. Clearly, Toyota noticed this, too, and it's planning to give both models a little extra street cred to make sure that point hits home.

On Twitter today, Toyota teased two new TRD variants that it will bring to the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show . Both the Camry and Avalon will receive some degree of upgrades, but it's unclear whether the TRD package (or trim) will be limited to aesthetics, or if it will provide actual performance boosts to both cars.

At the minimum, the teaser shows that the upgrades include new front splitters and new wheels. The Camry's front brake calipers are painted red, but it's unclear if they've been upgraded or merely painted.

There's hope for actual performance upgrades, though. Toyota unveiled the 86 TRD Special Edition back in July. Mimicking the Performance package upgrades for its sister model, the , the 86 TRD Special Edition received new dampers, stickier tires, beefier brakes and a TRD-specific exhaust, in addition to numerous visual upgrades.

However, it's limited to just 1,418 units, so it's possible the TRD-branded Avalon and Camry could meet the same limited-production fate. We'll find out when Toyota pulls back the veil on both models, which will happen on Nov. 28 at 2:05 p.m. Eastern and will be streamed for those following along at home.

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