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BMW recalls Toyota Supra because that's the world we live in now

Yes, you read that correctly, BMW issued the recall.

2020 Toyota Supra
There isn't a fix for the problem, but owners will get a replacement Supra.

There are seven 2020 Toyota Supra owners that may need to have their cars entirely replaced. Apologies in advance if you're one of them.

According to documents published today with NHTSA, the 2020 Toyota Supra is subject to a new safety recall for seatbelt guide loops that may feature improper welds. Recalls are never really humorous in nature, but this one is at least a little funny, because the recall comes from BMW.

Since BMW manufactures the Toyota Supra these days in Austria, it's the automaker responsible for the potential defect. It underscores the Japanese sports car's heavy reliance on a BMW architecture, which has been a sticking point for purists, to put it kindly.

Anyway, the recall explains that a total of seven Supras may have left the factory with improper welds for the seatbelt guide loop. In the event of a crash, the faulty welds may not let the seatbelt do its job and restrain the driver properly. As mentioned, if one of the seven cars does have the bad weld job, it'll need to be replaced entirely.

Though BMW issued the recall, Toyota will handle the inspections. Since this is such a small recall, Toyota will reach out to owners by phone, which began on Sept. 13. If the company doesn't receive a response, owners will be notified via mail. They'll need to mosey up to a Toyota dealer to have the Supra inspected, and depending on the outcome, they might get a new sports car free of charge.

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