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Rejoice, Toyota's making more old Supra parts for folks

Toyota Gazoo Racing said it will support customers who still want to drive their memory-laden Supras of yore.

A80 Toyota Supra
For those who want to keep their Supra OEM-fresh.

Great news for all of you running around in classic Toyota Supras. On Tuesday, Toyota Gazoo Racing announced plans to manufacture additional parts for the A70- and A80-generation cars. That'd be 1986-1998 models, for us here in the US. The company said the decision is to support "customers who wish to continue driving older vehicles that are full of memories and that they truly love." How thoughtful.

Starting next month, Toyota will begin production of many A70-generation Supra parts, including the clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder, brake hose and heater hose. Following in August, the car's original front badge will enter production again. After that, Supra owners from this generation will be able to stock up on side moldings, new rear Supra emblems and the front suspension's lower arm bushing.

As for the Supra that most people think of, the A80, next month Toyota will once again have new oxygen sensors available for the sports car. Following later this year will be the front bumper cover, which will likely be a wonderful purchase for many owners. Road rash sucks, after all.

The new parts headed to production join the catalog of previously announced components through Toyota GR's Heritage Parts Project. Headlights, door handles and brake boosters remain available for the A80 Supra; A70 owners can pick up propellor shafts, weather strips, fuel sender gauges and a couple of other parts.

Anyone can head to their local Toyota dealer and purchase these parts just like any other Toyota component, though they are more limited. The company said production will be "gradual" and once the automaker produces a certain number of them, they'll only remain in stock while supplies last. If you're itching for some OEM Supra parts, it's best to get in touch with your dealer quickly.