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Toyota recalls 752,000 Prius hybrids for loss of power

In some cases, the Prius may not enter a failsafe mode as intended if the hybrid system fails.

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2015 Toyota Prius

No one wants to lose power unexpectedly.


The Toyota Prius is subject to a new recall after the automaker said in "rare situations" the hybrid cars may not enter a failsafe mode in the event the hybrid system exhibits a fault.

The automaker announced the recall last Wednesday and said approximately 267,000 cars are affected in the US. Globally, the tally grows to 752,000. Specifically, the recall affects the 2013 to 2015 Prius and the 2014 to 2017 Prius V.

In the event of a hybrid system fault, the Prius and Prius V are meant to enter a failsafe mode to let owners get the car home without too much trouble. However, if the failsafe mode isn't activated due to an internal issue, drivers could lose power and the car may stall. The loss of power while driving increases the risk of a crash.

Power steering and brake functions would still remain if this happens, Toyota said.

The automaker has an update planned for the hybrid system that will ensure the failsafe mode activates. The update will be free of charge when owners bring their Prius in to a dealership for the recall. Toyota added for any customer that has experienced an inverter failure due to this issue, the automaker will also replace the component at no cost.

Prius owners affected will receive notice of the recall starting this August.

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