2020 Toyota Highlander Super Bowl commercial is all about saving the day

Just when it seems like the end, the Highlander and Cobie Smulders save the day.

Day to day, vehicles that pile the kiddos in probably are superheroes. They face tantrums, Cheerios, juice spills and anything else thrown at them. The 2020 Toyota Highlander plays that role in a literal sense for its banner Super Bowl ad spot this year, appropriately titled "Heroes."

Featuring actress Cobie Smulders as super mom, Smulders ends up in just the right place at the right time, every time. We're tossed into some sort of biological disaster of sorts, the wild west and an alien invasion. Each time, it feels like the saddest scene of every film -- just as the protagonist tells the others to go on without them and the film tugs at the heartstrings. But, the Highlander and Smulders arrive just in time to save the day.

Smulders wears both the superhero and super mom hats here, which makes for some good humor as she treats each of the others as her own. Everything wraps up with Smulders picking up her child -- and we learn this isn't the first time Smulders has done this.

Toyota said the ad is all about showing the Highlander's capability, but it also helps we see numerous individuals inside the cabin to highlight the space inside. That's obviously important to those buying a big vehicle like this.

We'll see a lot more of the Highlander in new ads coming. Toyota said this game day ad kicks off a larger campaign for the Highlander to come.

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