Toyota C-HR Prologue Previews Wild Style for Next-Gen Small SUV

It's unclear if the C-HR's successor is destined for the US, but it's quite the looker either way.

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Toyota C-HR Prologue
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Toyota C-HR Prologue

Say what you will about Toyota's new design language, but it's anything other than boring.


The current Toyota C-HR is quite the little SUV, carrying a whole lot of character within its unique styling. And now, with a new concept, it appears Toyota is intending to make the C-HR's successor even more interesting to look at.

Toyota on Monday unveiled the C-HR Prologue, which -- as the name suggests -- previews the next-generation C-HR compact crossover. It's unclear if this concept will bear fruit in the US, considering the automaker's release focuses on Europe, but the current C-HR did pretty well in the first several years of being on sale over here.

Toyota C-HR Prologue Sharpens Up the Small SUV

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The C-HR Prologue is far more wildly styled than before. You'll see shades of the new Crown and Prius in here, as Toyota works to define its latest design language. The sharp, angular headlights flank an aggressive bumper. The C-HR Prologue's silhouette looks a bit angrier than before, thanks to a reduction in front and rear overhangs. We're big fans of the tri-tone paint job, too, which accentuates the primary black-and-silver motif with gold elements on the diffuser, the back half of the roof and the front grille.

Toyota didn't really dive into any specifications yet, since this is just a concept previewing a later production model. However, in its release, the automaker did promise that European markets will receive a plug-in hybrid variant that uses batteries assembled in Europe. We'll likely learn more about the second-generation C-HR as we progress into 2023.