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Tesla allegedly still underreporting worker injuries, report says

Reveal alleges that Tesla's on-site clinics aren't all that Elon Musk made them out to be.

A new report from Reveal alleges continued misreporting of worker injuries at Tesla's factory in Fremont, California.

VCG/Getty Images

The battle over Tesla's reporting of worker injuries continues to rage on, despite California's Cal-OSHA having closed its investigation. Reveal published an extremely unflattering expose on Monday that purports to shed more light on the automaker's alleged practice of providing substandard care to injured workers.

The report, which was released as a podcast, features new interviews from ex-Tesla clinic employees, former factory workers, and former employees of Access Omnicare, which Tesla has selected to run its on-site health clinics.

One of the former Tesla employees interviewed by Reveal outlines how he was injured on the job when a Model S trunk lid fell on him as he was working on the assembly line, applying sealant to the inside of the vehicle's cargo area.

The injury that resulted was allegedly downplayed by clinic workers on multiple occasions, though he was eventually directed to an off-site clinic also run by Access, where he was diagnosed with a crushing back injury and intractable pain. He was put on restricted duty and sent back to the assembly line the next day to work from a wheelchair.

Tesla has repeatedly denied that it under-reports its worker injuries, even going so far as to praise the work of the new health clinic on its most recent quarterly earnings call.