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Tesla recalls Model Y, Model X for two separate problems

The Model X may suffer from separating roof trim, while the Model Y may not have essential suspension components properly attached.

Thankfully, the issues aren't too serious.


Tesla will recall a total of 9,537 electric vehicles after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published documents this week detailing the problems. Specifically, the 2016 Tesla Model X and 2020 Model Y SUVs are the vehicles with possible defects, NHTSA says.

According to the documents Tesla filed, the Model X recall is by far the largest and covers 9,136 vehicles. The SUV may feature faulty roof trim that was not installed with a primer. While driving, the cosmetic roof trim could detach from the car and fly off, which increases the risk of a crash for other motorists. Tesla said it first learned of the problem this past September and an investigation led to the recall. It is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the problem.

Nevertheless, it's a significant recall for the model: Approximately 25,000 Model Xs were delivered in 2016. Owners will need to bring their Model X to a Tesla service center where a technician will use a retention test to learn if the trim isn't attached properly. If the EV fails, the owners will see a fresh coat of primer to properly secure the roof trim.

The second recall is small, only affecting 401 Model Y SUVs, but the problem is a little more serious. In the documents, Tesla said the few hundred EVs may not have properly tightened bolts to attach the front upper control arm and steering knuckle. If the bolts fail, the steering knuckle can detach from the upper control arm and lead to a loss of control while steering, which increases the risk of crash. Tesla said it learned of three Model Y vehicles that required this repair, which launched the recall investigation. There are no reports of crashes or injuries involving this defect.

The Model Ys will need their bolts properly torqued to remedy the issue. All work for both recalls will be done free of charge.

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