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Tesla Model S is the first production EV with a 400-mile range

CEO Elon Musk says all cars built since late January actually have 402 miles of range.

2019 Tesla Model S Long Range
We're now living in the world of a 400-mile EV.
Tim Stevens/Roadshow

The Tesla Model S officially takes electric vehicles past the 400-mile range mark. "Starting today, all North American Model S Long Range Plus vehicles have an official EPA-rated range of 402 miles," Tesla confirmed Monday.

Even better, the increased range doesn't come with a price hike. According to the Model S configurator page, the Long Range Plus costs $74,990, not including available incentives. This price drop was announced in May.

What's better than "even better?" CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that "All Model S cars made since late Jan have 402 mile range." So, surprise for those who took delivery of a new Model S this year, you actually own a pretty historic electric car.

The Model S Long Range Plus was last rated at 390 miles in February -- a number Tesla CEO Elon Musk openly contested. However, thanks to a number of factors like reduced weight, improved aerodynamics and better drive unit efficiency, the Model S is now able to eke out those extra 12 miles. The Model S Performance, meanwhile, continues to have a still-impressive 348-mile range.

The reduced weight was "achieved through the standardization of Tesla's in-house seat manufacturing and lighter-weight materials used in our battery pack and drive units," the company said in a statement. At 4,883 pounds, the Model S Long Range Plus is 58 pounds lighter than a comparable Performance model.  

Tesla's redesigned Tempest wheels play a part in this improvement, as well. Tesla says these wheels account for a 2% increase in range when wrapped in new, low-rolling-resistance tires. You can see the updated wheel design on Tesla's website.

Aside from the increased range, the Model S Long Range Plus' specs haven't changed. Tesla says the EV is able to accelerate to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 155 mph. Tesla also says the Model S now comes with a regenerative braking mode called Hold that can bring the vehicle to a complete stop if the driver just eases off the accelerator.

As always, Tesla says it will continue to improve the Model S with future over-the-air updates. Tesla reiterated, "These changes went into production earlier this year when we first started manufacturing Model S Long Range Plus at our factory in Fremont, California. All Model S Long Range Plus vehicles will receive the new 402-mile rating."

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First published June 15.