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Tesla Model 3, Model Y recalled for loose brake caliper bolts

Just under 6,000 of the EVs need checking to ensure brake caliper bolts are torqued to spec.

Tesla Model 3
It sounds like damage is rare, but still, the issue needs to be resolved.

Owners of a few thousand Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs will need to work with Tesla Service following a new recall. According to documents published with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week, Tesla recalled 5,947 of the electric sedans and SUVs for potentially loose brake caliper bolts.

The vehicles, delivered between 2019 and 2021, potentially don't have brake caliper bolts torqued to the proper spec. Over time, the loose bolts may allow the brake caliper to separate and make contact with the wheel. If this happens, the tire may lose pressure, which increases the risk of a crash. Owners may hear an abnormal noise coming from the car in the affected area if a caliper makes contact with a wheel.

Tesla will inspect each of the affected cars and a technician will ensure the bolts are tightened properly. If an owner's car is already missing a bolt, the technician will retorque the fastener properly. Should the inspection turn up damage, Tesla Service will tow the vehicle to the nearest facility for repair.

The automaker didn't specify when it plans to notify owners of the recall, but expect a notice in the weeks to come to take care of the potential problem.