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Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla's Model 3 videos have everything you could want to know

When it comes to a vehicle walkthrough, who better to do one than the company that built it?

If you're looking into the Tesla Model 3, but you're still a bit confused as to how its systems differ from more traditional vehicles, there's a solution -- Tesla's own walkthroughs.

Tesla has released nine new videos walking through various features of the Model 3. Covering simple functions like gear selections, the Tesla app, charging and Autopilot, the videos offer up a bit more information than a website might.

Owners probably won't get much from the videos, but prospective owners will walk away knowing just a bit more -- video tends to convey complex topics better than mere audio or text.

Even though every variant being produced is its most expensive -- until dual-motor all-wheel drive comes online, that is -- buyers will be faced with features not seen on cars in this price point. The key is actually a card. There's a strange hole by the tail light that you're not supposed to pour gasoline into. There's not a single actual gauge anywhere in the car. Want to make sense of it all? These videos are a great place to start. Get your binge on and check out all nine videos below.

(Hat tip to InsideEVs!)