Tesla Model 3 finally gets Qi wireless charging

Wireless charging for phones is increasingly common in modern cars, but Tesla has been lagging. Finally, Model 3 owners can get their Qi on.

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Tesla Model 3 Qi Charger

If you're a Model 3 owner who's been lamenting the sad state of charging in your car, having to go through the positively draconian process of plugging your car in to juice it up while driving, we have good news for you: Tesla has finally released a wireless upgrade for the Model 3.

As noted over at Engadget and Electrek, the new component recently appeared on Tesla's site. Interestingly, this isn't the first wireless charger from Tesla. The company also sells a standalone Qi-enabled pad and power pack -- but that one isn't designed to integrate into its cars. 

This new one is. It's a $125 accessory that slots in the center console of the Model 3 and can charge two Qi-enabled phones, such as the new iPhone XR or the Galaxy S10, at the same time. 

The price tag makes it roughly two times as expensive as some third-party wireless charging pads that have hit the market since the Model 3's release. This one on Amazon can also charge two phones at once:

There's still no word on when or if you'll actually be able to wirelessly charge your Tesla itself, so for now you're going to have to stick with the aftermarket

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