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Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla is opening the Model 3 configurator to everyone starting Tuesday

The company may also be opening its order books to non-reservation holders.

Up until now, the Tesla Model 3 configurator was made available only to those who had put down a $1,000 deposit. On Tuesday, that's going to change.

Yep, that's right. The Model 3 configurator will open up to everyone tomorrow, according to Tesla representatives, so that you can spec your dream midtier electric vehicle to your heart's content. But the news is more significant than that because it may mean anyone who wants to order a Model 3 can do so. Reservations be damned!

As of tomorrow, anyone will be able to configure and maybe order Model 3, whether they had a reservation or not.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

However, if you have a reservation, don't worry because the company apparently plans to continue to prioritize reservation holders for build allocations. Couple that with all of the new Model 3 variants on the horizon, including the Performance model and the tent-built dual motor cars, and future owners are going to be spoiled for choice unless they choose the $35,000 standard battery version. Those people are still out of luck, for a while anyway.

Speaking of those Performance-spec cars, according to Electrek, they should be hitting Tesla stores by the end of the month. No word on when they will start getting delivered to customers though.