Tesla Model 3 owner helps remind us Christmas lights on cars are no good

We love holiday cheer, but let's keep the lights to stationary items.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
Tesla with Xmas lights

Yeah, don't do this.

Burnaby RCMP/Twitter

The holiday season is upon us, and in many places around the world, Christmas lights are ready to find a home on shrubs, awnings, gutters and so many other places. But, you may or may not be aware, the lovely lights often aren't permitted on vehicles. Unfortunately, this Tesla Model 3 driver in Canada dished out a seasonal reminder.

The Burnaby Royal Canadian Mounted Police tweeted Wednesday after pulling over a Model 3 absolutely decked out with Christmas lights, and noted the driver was issued a ticket. "Please don't do this, it can be dangerous if they fall off in traffic, never mind the distraction," the tweet reads. 

While this incident happened in Canada, this applies to the US as well. There isn't any sort of blanket regulation that bars Christmas lights from cars, but local jurisdictions oftentimes frown upon the distracting lights. If you want to really pick nits, there are plenty of specific colors drivers can not display on their vehicle either. Those will draw their own kinds of citations. Think red and blue lights, which could be confused for a police vehicle.

To play it safe, keep the lights at home. Plus it's way cooler to funnel your energy into an at-home display. 

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