Try a Tesla Model 3 before you buy with Autonomy subscription service

The founder of TrueCar has a new business, and it's about putting people into flexible terms with a Model 3.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Autonomy Tesla subscription service

CEO Scott Painter was the guy behind TrueCar. This is his next adventure.


As more car buyers dip their feet into the electric vehicle world, there are still many who aren't sure they can live with an EV on the daily. That's something Autonomy, a new company from the founder of TrueCar, wants to change. Autonomy's mission is pretty simple: Subscribe to a Tesla Model 3 with few strings attached, and in the future, you'll know if an EV is right for you.

The firm launched operations in California this past Thursday and has a fleet of Model 3 EVs to start, with plans to add other Teslas in the future. The subscription service requires a three-month minimum commitment, but after that, subscribers pay month to month. Like many other services, monthly payments include an array of other coverage, including maintenance and roadside assistance. Insurance is, notably, not included in the payment.

As for what you can expect to pay, the plans are flexible. Terms range from a $5,500 starting service fee and a $550 monthly payment, to a $1,000 starting service fee and $1,000 monthly payments. Flexibility comes at a cost. Remember, this isn't an auto loan or lease. Autonomy owns the car -- you're simply borrowing it. But the company promises it's a simple process. In 10 minutes, you pay a security deposit, provide your driver's license and select a pickup or delivery location.

Subscriptions are currently open through the firm's website and smartphone app, but only in California for now. Autonomy plans to expand into additional states in the near future as more drivers want a taste of the EV life.

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