Tesla promotes Jerome Guillen to president of automotive

He'll report directly to Musk.

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Jerome Guillen has been with the company eight years.

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Usually, late-night Friday emails from the boss aren't a good thing, but this one is.

announced Friday that it has promoted Jerome Guillen to president of its automotive division. Per an Elon Musk email to employees, which was posted on the company's blog, Guillen will report directly to Musk. "[Guillen] will oversee all automotive operations and program management, as well as coordinate our extensive automotive supply chain," the email reads.

Guillen has been with the company for eight years after working for Daimler subsidiary Freightliner. He has worn many hats, including overseeing its engineering and sales efforts. In addition, he worked on Tesla's infamous GA4 assembly line, which helped push the company past Musk's goal of producing 5,000 Model 3s per week.

The email also announced several other promotions in the human resources, environmental and communications departments, as well as a new vice president overseeing some of Gigafactory's engineering work.

It's been a long week for Elon Musk . He doubled down on claims that Vernon Unsworth, who was involved in the Thai cave rescue, was a pedophile, according to published emails from BuzzFeed. On Thursday, he appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast and copped a hit of Rogan's spliff. Announcing that you're promoting an experienced director to a more comprehensive position is a much better note on which to end the week.

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