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Tesla Full Self-Driving feature now costs $10,000

The beta launched about a week and a half ago, and just like Elon Musk said, it now costs even more.

Tesla Autopilot
The long-awaited feature is here.

Tesla's long-promised Full Self-Driving mode reached its first customers in beta form a week and a half ago and we've already received a look at how the system operates on local roads, thanks to people on social media. Some report flawless activity, as seen below, while others documented inconsistencies and some scary moments.

Now, following its initial rollout and a warning from CEO Elon Musk to those on the fence about buying the feature, Full Self-Driving mode officially costs $10,000. Musk said following the feature's launch Tesla was likely to increase the price past $8,000. As of Monday, Full Self-Driving mode costs $10,000 to equip. The $2,000 increase comes as Tesla said it will continue to work on the system and implement improvements while it collects data from owners using the feature in beta mode.

The CEO said in last month's third-quarter earnings call the number of owners with access to the beta will increase periodically and every owner who paid for the upgrade may receive access by the end of this year. More cars using the beta benefits Tesla greatly since the technology relies on vehicle data to run simulations that, in turn, make the system smarter. Safety concerns remain with this type of strategy, especially in the face of past Autopilot crashes. As more drivers start using Full-Self Driving mode's beta, they may be the first to uncover potential flaws. Tesla itself underscores this in its disclaimer while using Full Self-Driving mode: "It may do the wrong thing at the worst time."

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