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Elon Musk wants to make the Tesla Roadster hover -- yes, really

Tesla's CEO talked about the Roadster as well as the infamous Cybertruck window incident on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Yeah, he said he wants the Roadster to hover.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

On this week's installment of "Did Elon Musk really just say that?" we find him talking to podcaster (and isolation tank/psychedelics enthusiast) Joe Rogan about making the new Tesla Roadster hover.

"I want it to hover, and I was trying to figure out how to make this thing hover without, you know, killing people," Musk said in a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, released Thursday. "Maybe it can hover like a meter above the ground, or something like that. If you plummet, it'll blow out the suspension, but you're not gonna die."

Keep in mind that this is in addition to his idea to put rocket thrusters on the Roadster -- something he talked about at length in 2018. Is it likely that either of these things will happen and be available on a production vehicle that is sold to customers? Our guess is a hard no. Is it sure to whip all of the rabid Elon stans into a froth? You bet your ass it is.

During his visit to the Rogan podcast -- his third -- Musk also talked about the now-infamous incident during the Cybertruck's unveiling in which lead designer Franz Von Holzhausen broke its supposedly unbreakable window glass. Musk later went into why he doesn't think it will be something to worry about on production models.

"Production glass is much more robust than demo glass," Musk said. "You have to have massive tools and ovens to make production glass, and that takes a while to do. Production glass is always better than demo glass."

You can listen to the rest of the interview on Spotify.

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