Tesla's Elon Musk pushed an employee in a workplace incident, report alleges

The board of executives investigated the incident and found no evidence of a physical altercation.

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Judge Considers Whether To Hold Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk In Contempt Over Tweet
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Judge Considers Whether To Hold Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk In Contempt Over Tweet

Tesla's Elon Musk is at the center of an accusation by an ex-employee saying that the CEO pushed him in an incident at the Tesla delivery center.

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We're not sure if Tesla's Elon Musk loves trouble, or if trouble just loves Elon but either way, it seems he narrowly avoided some more of it recently.

A Bloomberg report published on Friday alleges that the embattled CEO pushed a former Tesla employee who resigned and was attempting to say goodbye to co-workers. The report also states that Musk swore at the employee and ordered him to leave the premises immediately.

"Elon did exit an employee at our Fremont delivery center last year due to concerns about his performance, however there was no physical altercation whatsoever," said a Tesla representative in a statement to Roadshow. "Those reports are simply untrue as confirmed by numerous people that observed the incident first-hand."

The alleged incident was bad enough that Tesla's board launched an inquiry into the behavior of its former chairperson and found that there was no evidence of a physical altercation. This contradicts the statements of several employees who claimed to witness the event but who spoke to Bloomberg anonymously, fearing retribution.

"It is the board's responsibility to take seriously any potential issues that come to our attention involving senior executives, no matter how small or how large," said the board in a statement to Bloomberg. "In this instance, we conducted a thorough review, which proved that there was never a physical altercation, a fact confirmed by multiple people who were present at the time."

Typically, if we heard this about someone, we'd probably suggest that they stop hanging out with Joe Rogan and lay off the dope, but this isn't the first time that Elon has totally lost it and fired someone, or worse. It's indicative of his often controversial management style which has gotten both the company and himself in trouble on more than one occasion.

Currently, Musk is under orders to sort out his differences with the securities and exchange commission after that regulatory body requested that a US Federal court judge hold him in contempt.

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