Tesla Cybertruck will include removable side mirrors, Elon Musk says

The Cybertruck concept didn't include any side mirrors at all, but as Musk notes, they are required by US federal law.

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Sean Szymkowski
Tesla Cybertruck
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Tesla Cybertruck

The concept didn't sport any mirrors at all.


The Tesla Cybertruck, if it remains a wedge-like thing into production, will have to rock some side mirrors. It's the law, after all. But after fans spotted the electric pickup truck testing in California, CEO Elon Musk said these mandated side mirrors will be removable.

Specifically, Musk replied to a Twitter user who said they weren't big fans of the mirrored look. "They're required by law, but designed to be easy to remove by owners," Musk said in response. The Twitter user was referring to video that surfaced on the Cybertruck Owners Forum, which showed not only a set of side mirrors on the pickup, but staggered wheels and tires as well as windshield wipers. Each are a small component that shows the company's still hard at work on developing the truck, hence the delays.

Removable mirrors aren't anything new, though. In fact, the Jeep Wrangler's mirrors detach with the doors should owners decide to go door-less with their SUV. And yet, mirrors are your friend: They help us all maneuver a vehicle and check out what's going on behind us with ease. In some parts of the world, camera-as-mirror systems are starting to become a thing, but US federal safety standards still require physical mirrors in place.

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.

If anything, the Cybertruck spotting and Musk's comment is a welcome update to show the project is alive and well inside Tesla.

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