Tesla's inviting investors to try its 'full self-driving' tech in California

The brand will host a select group of investors at its HQ in Palo Alto, California, to show off just how far along its autonomous tech really is.

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Tesla Supercharger

Tesla's investors are being invited to try out the "full self-driving" systems that the company has been working on.


Tesla gets called out pretty regularly (sometimes by us) about the way it markets "full self-driving" as a future feature in its vehicles. Despite this, Elon Musk and his crew continue to push the idea that the hardware is nearly ready, and to help sell that, Tesla is inviting investors to its facilities to get an up-close look at what the Big T is working on.

This Autonomy Investor Day, which the company announced on Wednesday, is set to take place on April 19 at Tesla's Palo Alto, California, headquarters and will feature presentations by Musk himself as well as vice presidents of engineering and hardware engineering and Tesla's senior director of Artificial Intelligence, Andrej Karpathy.

Because this is Tesla, the event will be livestreamed, but it's unclear whether any media will actually be invited to attend the event in person.

Tesla's march toward "full self-driving capability" has been long and hindered by some speed bumps along the way. The company came under criticism from vehicle buyers and authorities for letting customers "pre-buy" full-self driving capability when it wasn't technologically ready.

When you couple that with the ups and downs of Tesla's Autopilot system and its regular misuse by inattentive or willfully dangerous drivers, showing that Autopilot, anyway, is not anywhere near "full self-driving," Tesla still has a lot to prove, though we're excited to see what it has in store.

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