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Tesla amps up Australian presence with Destination Charging stations

Tesla is bringing peace of mind to the weekend road trip with a new network of Destination Charging stations connecting major centres across the eastern seaboard.

The supercharging station at the Tesla Motors showroom in St Leonards, Sydney. Claire Reilly/CNET

Tesla is shoring up its supercharger network across Australia with the announcement that it has begun rolling out "Destination Charging" stations in cities and regional centres across the eastern seaboard.

In a sign of the growing presence Tesla is developing in Australia, the electric vehicle company has extended the Destination Charging Program in place in the US to complement its existing network of supercharging stations in Sydney and Melbourne.

The "High Power Wall Units" installed at the Destination Charging stations are similar to those provided to Model S drivers for home installation, providing as much as 40 amps of power for charging the flagship vehicle. However, Tesla Supercharging stations are still the option for fast charging, providing up to 120 kilowatts of power and charge for a 270km range in 30 minutes.

The new Destination Charging stations will be scattered up the east coast, joining the dots between Sydney and Melbourne with a charger in Canberra and extending north up to the Hunter Valley and Port Macquarie.

The Port Macquarie location will be particularly useful considering Tesla is also partnering with public car park company Secure Parking to rollout stations in central Brisbane, as well as more stations in Secure Parking locations in Sydney and Melbourne.

According to Tesla's Australian spokesperson Heath Walker, the Destination Charging Program is a good complement to other charging options available to Australian Model S drivers.

"This expanding network of Destination Charging is a great replication of the convenience our owners receive when charging at home," he said. "Along with the developing Supercharger network, our owners will be able to cover long distances with the knowledge they have a charging solution."

Tesla has provided the following list of Destination Charging locations on its website, with more due to go live soon.

  • The Observatory (Port Macquarie, NSW)
  • Westfield Chatswood (Sydney, NSW)
  • Park Hyatt Sydney (NSW)
  • The Darling Hotel (Sydney, NSW)
  • Hotel Realm Canberra (ACT)
  • Rundells Alpine Lodge (Dinner Plain, VIC)
  • RACV Torquay Resort (Torquay, VIC)
  • Chadstone Shopping Centre (Melbourne, VIC)
  • Leongatha Motel (Leongatha, VIC)
  • Melbourne Marriott Hotel (VIC)