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Swedish style: Volvo rolls out sportier R-Design variants for V90, S90

A sporty station wagon? You don't need to say any more than that.

It doesn't matter what you slap on it, the V90 is a damned gorgeous wagon.


If you want a Volvo that's heavy on the performance, your best bet is to go with a Polestar-massaged vehicle, which is the brand's in-house performance division. However, if you want your car just a bit racier, without all the actual hustle, you can opt for the R-Design trim, and now, two more cars are picking up the banner.

Starting -- well, right now, actually, you can put in an order for a 2017 V90 or S90 in R-Design guise. You don't get any extra power, so you're stuck working with the two engines currently on offer (provided you can apply R-Design to both). Right now, V90 and S90 are available with a 250-horsepower turbocharged I-4 or a 316-horsepower, turbocharged and supercharged I-4.

The easiest way to discern an R-Design model is its unique front grille. The package also includes piano black trim and five-spoke, matte-black wheels. Inside, there exist unique trim pieces, new pedals, new floor mats, a special steering wheel and sportier seats. There's also an interior ambient lighting upgrade, because what good is a new interior if you can't see it?

While you can order the cars right now, Volvo declined to mention pricing. However, based on the upgrade pricing for the XC90 crossover, I'd wager that the upgrade will cost somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000. On lower trims, the cost of the R-Design package tends to be higher.

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