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Subaru Debuts 2023 Legacy With a New Face, Better EyeSight

We're glad to see the turbocharged engine available in more trims now, too.

2023 Subaru Legacy in a puddle
Just a Subaru doing Subaru stuff like driving through heavy rain.

Subaru's Legacy has long been a sensible automobile for sensible people, and we're pleased to see that trend continue with the updated 2023 model, which debuted on Thursday. Subaru's changes aren't major, but they should improve the quality of life in what was already a perfectly nice vehicle to drive.

The most notable change is the addition of Subaru's 260-horsepower 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine to the Legacy Sport trim as standard equipment. It's a spicy powerplant, and while it's not paired with the world's most exciting transmission (it's still a CVT), it should still make on-ramps and curvy roads a lot more fun. This engine is also available as standard in the Touring XT trim.

EyeSight gets some tweaks, too, including the addition of a wide-angle mono camera on the Touring XT trim that significantly increases the field of view of the EyeSight advanced driver-assistance system, making it better able to detect pedestrians and cyclists. All Legacy models get the latest and greatest version of EyeSight, which includes adaptive cruise control with automatic lane centering and automatic emergency braking. Sport and XT Touring models get Subaru's DriverFocus distraction mitigation system as standard.

Other changes include standard wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for models equipped with the 11.6-inch Multimedia Plus infotainment system (aka everything but the base model), which is cool, and a new front fascia that looks fine overall.

Subaru hasn't provided pricing information for the 2023 Legacy yet, but we expect that to become available closer to the model's launch this fall.

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