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Rivian plucked former Tesla workers to work on charging network, report says

Rivian may have a Supercharger network rival in the works, perhaps called the "Rivian Adventure Network."

Rivian manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois
Sounds like Rivian has some grand plans.

Rivian is making moves. Despite reports the firm recently laid off 40 workers, the Michigan-based electric car startup reportedly also hired a few significant individuals from Tesla.

According to an Electrek on Tuesday, Rivian hired on three executives, all of whom formerly worked for Tesla. Specifically, they each worked on Tesla's charging program. The three new hires are Carrington Bradley, a seven-year Tesla veteran previously part of the charging program, Sara Eslinger, who spent six years at Tesla working on charging infrastructure, and Kit Ahuja, a former Tesla manager.

Bradley is the only one who appears to have jumped directly from Tesla to Rivian, while Eslinger and Ahuja had taken on new roles elsewhere prior to Rivian hiring them. Rivian did not immediately return a request for comment on reported layoffs or its new hires.

The three new executives will reportedly work on a rival to the Tesla Supercharger network, rumored to be named the "Rivian Adventure Network." However, the website's sources alleged this network won't be as expansive as the Supercharger network. Since Rivian vehicles will support the CCS charging standard, they'll have access to numerous stations already on line throughout the country. Rivian's charging stations will supposedly help fill the gaps in more rural areas.

A charging network isn't all Rivian likely has in the pipeline. We recently learned the firm will likely offer its own insurance program, also like Tesla, and could implement its own collision centers. It all comes as Rivian returns to work in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, though the spread of COVID-19 led the firm to push first deliveries of its R1T electric pickup and R1S SUV to 2021. They were originally scheduled to begin delivery by the end of this year.

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