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Will Rivian make an e-bike? Patent application suggests so

Rivian has a lot to focus on right now, but one day, it may have an e-bike on sale.

Rivian R1T Slow Deliveries Promo Image
An e-bike companion?

Rivian is a busy company these days as it produces the first R1T pickups and following the achievement up with the first R1S SUV. And who can forget about the cutesy electric delivery van it's building for Amazon? Three production vehicles is a big task to handle, but Rivian may have something a little different in the pipeline: an e-bike.

According to a patent application published on Monday and posted to the Rivian Forums, the startup wants to protect its name when it comes to everything from e-bikes, motors, structural parts and really anything related to electric bicycles. Like always, patent applications don't necessarily preview production products, but they do register a company's interest in something, at a minimum. It may be something as simple as Rivian saying, "Maybe we should build an e-bike one day." Rivian declined to comment on the patent application.

An e-bike would be a nifty addition to the Rivian range, assuming an R1T or R1S could haul it around, charge it and the two would work in tandem (pun intended). The US Patent and Trademark Office accepted the patent application just this week, but it could be years before we see Rivian do anything with this. Or, we may see nothing at all. Time will tell.