Rinspeed Snap is a wild self-driving ecosystem for CES

The Swiss car design house is readying this inventive "snap together" modular autonomous car for Las Vegas.

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Rinspeed Snap concept for CES

Swiss car design firm Rinspeed is known for its courageously wacky and forward-thinking concept cars, and its forthcoming Snap self-driving CES show car appears poised to continue that tradition. 

Initially confirmed in October and set for debut in Las Vegas next month, Rinspeed says the Snap isn't so much a vehicle as it is a plug-and-play ecosystem. The design centers around a flat, skateboard like EV chassis (not unlike General Motors' recent SURUS off-road concept) and various snap-on modules for different mobility solutions. 

This sort of thing has been shown off conceptually before, dating at least as far back as GM's Autonomy and HyWire concepts of the early 2000s. But the Snap is innovative because it imagines standalone uses for these snap-on modules, be it a "variable shopping pod or a spacious camping pod" or even a "cozy cuddling pod."

Rinspeed Snap is a modular driverless pod and chassis concept

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The Snap's interior is loaded down with tech, including three screens per occupant. The displays can show everything from brought-in personal information and media to route information and onboard movies. 

The company even imagines a robot personal assistant to accompany occupants that will "be happy to help with running errands, carrying purchases or handle other tedious tasks."

The Snap also features no fewer than six projectors to send notifications to pedestrians and other vehicles on the road to relay important messages like "Right of way granted," or "Caution, children."

Rinspeed Snap concept for CES
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Rinspeed Snap concept for CES

Each Snap seat features three screens to display onboard and brought-in content.


Rinspeed also sees the Snap's modular approach as being beneficial for its longevity and eco-friendliness. That's because high-wear components that are also prone to becoming outdated can be replaced as needed, while the durable attachable pods can live on as technology evolves. (Nevermind that the immense amount of in-pod electronics mentioned above will almost certainly become dated more quickly than the underlying chassis).

The company doesn't just see the Snap as a vehicle for service companies, it imagines that models will be available for purchase, lease or via carshare programs.

Roadshow will have much more on this fun and fascinating Rinspeed concept car when we get an up-close look at CES in January. Stay tuned.