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Watch Randy Pobst wheel a Tesla Model 3 up Pikes Peak

Following a crash, Pobst came back for a clean sweep up the peak.

Every time a race car driver steps into the cockpit, great reward lies ahead. There's also tremendous risk. Randy Pobst knows that, and experienced it last week when a mistake sent his Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 off the road in a pretty serious crash during the 2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Thankfully, only the car sustained a bruising, not Pobst.

More often than not, racing drivers don't give up after a prang. They saddle back up, and that's exactly what Pobst set out to do when he strapped back into his stripped-out Model 3 for another run up Pikes Peak. This time, he set a very clean run and captured everything from the cockpit's point of view for all of us to enjoy. 

Following his run, Pobst's YouTube channel published lightly edited footage (above) showing the driver tackle the nearly 20-mile climb in the electric car. Even though Pobst didn't manage a win for his class, the run shows him absolutely flying. And it was still good enough to capture second place.

It's easy to lose the sense of speed when watching video, but as Pobst wheels the car around the sharp corners and up the short straights, he clocks speeds around 100 mph. Think about the sense of speed at highway speeds and then double that. Then toss in a narrow road and cliffs on one side of you. That's Pikes Peak.

Pobst reported some power issues, which you can hear him speak of briefly during his run and shortly after he finishes. It's likely the car still had some quirks following repairs after the crash because it definitely looks like the Model 3 struggled in a straight line as he continued his drive up to the top.

Regardless, have a watch and let a master show you how to handle a performance EV.

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