Ram's 'Greatness' Super Bowl commercial does not go over well

It's nothing if not confident, but many are complaining that it's a bit tone-deaf.

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Andrew Krok

If you want to sell a truck during the Super Bowl, it doesn't hurt to lean on hyperbole a smidge, as just did. But don't expect the internet to accept it with open arms.

Ram's second big ad during Super Bowl LII centered on the idea of 'greatness.' The commercial showed a series of vignettes exemplifying the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., whose speech provided the soundtrack for this minute-long spot.

Is it a bit larger than life? Sure, but so is the Super Bowl, and so are pickup trucks in general. It works.

Or, at least, it works on paper. After the ad aired, Twitter lit up with criticism over Dodge's ad. Here's just a sample of what's out there:

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Update, 10:26 p.m. Eastern: Amended the story to add explanation of the commercial's criticism.