Ram recalls 410,000 pickups to upgrade tailgate locks

The latest generation of Ram 1500 is unaffected, since it uses a different setup.

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If your tailgate only has manual locks, no need to worry, because this recall doesn't affect you.


A tailgate that opens while the truck is in motion may promptly deposit whatever's in the bed onto the road. Since that's not exactly the desired operating state, got a new recall in the works.

Ram late last week issued a recall for 410,351 examples of the 2015-2017 , 2500 and 3500 pickup truck, all of which have eight-foot cargo beds and power-locking tailgates. The recall also affects the 2018 model, but only those produced through March 31, 2018. The 2019 model, which underwent a major redesign, is not a part of this recall, nor are trucks in the specified range with manual tailgate locks.

The issue stems from the tailgate's locking mechanism. According to the automaker, there's a small internal component in the power-locking tailgate that may break over time. If that happens, the tailgate may unlatch, which could introduce a safety hazard and potentially drop things in the road that other drivers may need to avoid.

In its release announcing the recall, Ram pointed out that loose cargo should be secured at all times, as per the owner's manual. To help prevent any issues in recalled vehicles that have not been fixed, Ram suggests using extra load security (tie-downs, dividers, bed extenders) to help mitigate any potential problems.

The remedy is pretty straightforward. Upon receiving the recalled vehicles, Ram technicians will inspect and repair the affected tailgate mechanisms. The recall is expected to begin in late June, so owners should keep an eye out for recall notifications arriving via first-class mail in the near future.

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