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Here's how to correctly pronounce Porsche Taycan

Maybe Porsche's next model won't need a pronunciation guide.

Some of Porsche's models, like Cayenne and 911, aren't exactly hard to pronounce. But not every name is that straightforward, including its latest, and so the automaker put out a video to help us non-Germans avoid embarrassing ourselves in Teutonic company.

Porsche put a video on YouTube offering the correct pronunciation of Taycan, the official name for the EV that began life as the Mission E concept. Spoiler alert: If you've been using Taycan to make a bunch of Liam Neeson and Taken jokes, you're saying it wrong.

The correct pronunciation of Taycan is "tie-con." Sure, that limits your jokes to references about conventions dedicated to neckwear, but it's better to pronounce it right than to sound like a dummy in front of that German person you're trying to impress.

Hilariously enough, this isn't the first time Porsche had to put out a pronunciation video. In 2016, the automaker published a video on how to pronounce "Porsche," probably because it was tired of people saying "Porch" or "Porsh," a frustration I share and don't hesitate to vocalize.

Considering Porsche doesn't shake the boat very often in terms of new-model introductions, it's safe to assume that it might take a few more years for Porsche to roll out another difficult-to-pronounce vehicle.