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Porsche previews new electric concept car

What, oh, what could this be?

Porsche EV concept teaser
All right, I'm intrigued.

We may have missed out on the 2021 New York Auto Show, but in Germany, it's still full speed ahead for IAA, which moves to Munich from Frankfurt this year. There, we'll see a new Porsche concept car, the brand said Monday. All we know is it will be an electric vehicle and the picture above shows its headlight.

The headlight is a lot like the design from the Porsche Taycan, but the way the brand described this concept car doesn't point to just another sedan or SUV. Instead, the company brought up motorsport and mentioned the sport is the "toughest testing grounds for engineering innovations on their way to series production." So this could be a concept geared toward motorsport, or it could be a new vehicle influenced by motorsport.

The quickest knee-jerk association is the 718. Porsche for a while teased an electric vision for the 718 Cayman and Boxster. It's possible we may see this concept car preview such a car coming in the future, but again, that's far from confirmed.

We'll have to wait and see what Porsche has up its sleeve, but the company's first EV, the Taycan, is pretty darn good. An electric sports car might be pretty great, too.