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Mark Webber drives Porsche Mission E, finds hints of 919 Le Mans racer

This thing's gonna be good, no doubt about it.

Mark Webber is a massively accomplished racecar driver and, as Porsche's brand ambassador, he's privy to opportunities such as driving Porsche's all-electric Mission E sedan before it goes on sale. As you might expect, he has good things to say about it.

Porsche put Webber behind the wheel of a Mission E prototype, still clad in heavy camouflage, to get his opinions on Porsche's first battery-electric sports car. He spoke positively of it, saying it reminded him of the 919 Le Mans racer, which can also function on battery power alone. He also compared it to the 918 Spyder hypercar. I'd say those are good points of comparison.

The Mission E's 600-horsepower output should provide for plenty of fun when it goes on sale. It's believed that the Mission E will not hit the market alone -- instead, it could head to dealers alongside a production-ready version of the Mission E Cross Turismo quasi-SUV that Porsche debuted in Geneva earlier this year. Porsche will also roll out a fast-charging network at dealerships and in other locations to help eliminate any range anxiety from first-time EV buyers.

It's worth noting that Webber is on the Porsche dole, so take his opinions with a grain of salt. Then again, when he was driving for Red Bull Racing in Formula 1, he wasn't exactly pulling punches when it came time to discuss driving against his teammate Sebastian Vettel.