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It's a holiday miracle, Porsche is making T versions of the 718 Boxster and Cayman

Porsche is bringing one of the best trims available on the 911 down to the Boxster and Cayman twins, and that's a reason to celebrate!

When we got behind the wheel of Porsche's lightweight and (relatively, for Porsche anyway) low-buck Carrera T, we were thrilled at how amazingly fun and driver-focused it was, but it left us wondering what a T version of the 718 twins would be like. Thankfully, Porsche seems to have wondered the same thing because it announced the 718 Boxster and Cayman T models on Tuesday.

What exactly goes into a "T" model? Frankly, it's more about what comes out. Unlike the more costly GTS model, the T is based on the non-S version of the 718. It gets the base engine, which produces a still-healthy 300 horsepower from its turbocharged flat-four engine. Buyers can choose to leave things out of the car too, like the stereo.

Like most lightweight Porsches, the 718 T's feature fabric door pulls and a standard Sport Chrono package, and lack fancy 18-way adjustable seats. You only get the basics here. It comes standard with Porsche's Active Suspension Mangement and a 20-millimeter drop in ride height. Porsche's six-speed manual gearbox with mechanical-locking rear diff and torque vectoring is standard though PDK will be available as an option.

Aesthetically, there are a few select "T" decals to let passersby know that you are a human being of refined taste and driving skill as well as some ultrahandsome wheels and gray mirror caps. This isn't a car that shouts about how special it is from the rooftops. 

Porsche hasn't released any pricing information, but the Carrera T comes in at around $11,000 more than a base-model Carrera without options. It seems likely that the markup here would be similar or less. If you missed the boat on the Cayman GT4 or the Boxster Spyder, don't sleep on the T.