Porsche's Heritage Design Package makes the 911 Speedster even more exclusive

The throwback looks come from Porsche's Exclusive Manufaktur department.

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The Porsche 911 Speedster is a mighty special car. But, if you want to add some additional kit that ramps up the exclusivity even further, then the Heritage Design Package is for you.

on Wednesday unveiled the optional Heritage Design Package for the 2020 911 Speedster. A creation of Porsche's ultra-fancy Exclusive Manufaktur department, the package focuses entirely on aesthetics, offering some throwback looks to a car that's already steeped in history as it is.

The Heritage Design Package starts with a mandatory coat of GT Silver Metallic paint, which is offset with white paint on the front bumper and on the fenders. The front trunk and doors can also be adorned with "gumball" graphics with your choice of numbers, but if you don't like that little flourish, you can opt to skip it. There's also an old-school "Porsche" script that runs along the lower end of the doors and quarter panels.

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Thankfully, if you don't dig the numbers, it's not a mandatory part of the package.


Don't worry, there's more. There's a set of 20-inch wheels painted in platinum, with silver available as an option if you really like your body panels and wheels to match. The standard carbon-ceramic stoppers wear black paint with white lettering on the calipers. To round out the look, the Speedster badges are gold, because who doesn't like gold?

The interior gets a few special touches, too. The leather interior is a two-tone combination of brown and black, and the seats' headrests get Porsche emblems embossed in 'em. The seat backs and interior trim bits are painted the same GT Silver Metallic as the exterior. The center console lid is adorned with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur lettering, while the steering wheel gets a 12 o'clock stripe in the same shade of brown as the seats. And, just like the exterior badges, the interior badges are made of gold.

The Heritage Design Package will also be a great way to funnel even more of your money to Porsche. While the automaker didn't specify a cost yet, the 911 Speedster by itself will set you back $274,500 plus $1,250 for destination. Add the Heritage Design Package, and you're probably knocking on the door of $300,000.

Throw it back with the Porsche 911 Speedster's Heritage Design Package

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