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Super Bowl 2020: Porsche is hoping to steal the show during the Big Game with The Heist

Join a band of definitely-gonna-get-fired security guards as they chase down a rogue Taycan in the streets of Stuttgart.

When you're a company with the kind of sports and racing car track record that Porsche has, sometimes it's not a bad idea to take it out and flex it a little. That's what the folks from Stuttgart are doing with their Super Bowl ad for 2020, entitled The Heist.

The spot begins with the new Taycan electric car sneaking its way out of an exhibit at the Porsche museum, silently creeping past unsuspecting guards and into a car elevator until it trips a laser sensor at the last moment. 

Realizing what's happened, this crack team of hotshot security professionals proceeds to grab the keys to everything ranging from a 911 Carrera S to a dang 917K race car and hit the sleepy midnight streets of one of Germany's most significant car towns in an effort to catch up. 

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It's pretty fantastic to see all of these sports and racing rigs from Porsche's epic 70-plus year history tearing through public roads, and it does a valiant job of trying to connect Porsche's internal combustion past and present with its increasingly electric future.

The spot to be aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 will run at around 60 seconds long, but the full-length (and infinitely cooler) spot is available to watch now, in its entirety, on the Porsche YouTube channel.

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