Plug-in Ford Escape, hybrid Ford Expedition reportedly due in 2019

The Mustang and F-150 hybrids are only the start.


When Ford announced its intention to build hybrid variants of both the F-150 and Mustang, enthusiasts were a bit surprised at Ford's decision to electrify these two vehicles specifically. But they're only the beginning, and additional mainstream electrified vehicles are coming along for the ride.

Four Ford Motor Company vehicles -- the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC -- are set to receive hybrid variants in 2019, Automotive News reports, citing sources "with knowledge of Ford's product plans." The Expedition and Navigator will be traditional hybrids, whereas the Escape and MKC will get a plug-in hybrid drivetrain for additional EV-only range.

All these cars, along with the aforementioned F-150 and Mustang, are part of Ford's plan to electrify 13 different models over the next five years.

When the Mustang hybrid arrives in 2020, it should offer up similar power to a V8, but the addition of an electric motor should provide even more torque than what's currently on tap. As for the F-150 hybrid, there aren't many details available, but Ford promised it would be competitive as a half-ton truck, and it could even function as a mobile generator.

Ford previously sold a hybrid version of the Escape in the early 2000s, but slow sales and the introduction of the C-Max sent it to the graveyard. The most notable hybrid pickup to date has been the Chevrolet Silverado hybrid, which was first discontinued in 2011, then brought it back as the Silverado eAssist mild hybrid.

Ford is wise to put this much of its effort behind its truck and crossover lineups. The F-150 sells more units each year than some automakers do, and crossover fever still plagues the countryside with no end in sight. Starting with these two vehicle types is good if Ford wants to get as many hybrids into as many hands as possible. Plus, given the fuel economy of some of these larger vehicles, a little bit of battery will go a long way in improving those figures.

Ford did not immediately return a request for comment.