Spider-Man gets a little science fair help from Audi in a new short

Parker and his pal Ned Leeds need a leg up for their science fair project and Audi has jus the answer.

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Kyle Hyatt

Most of us have, at one point or another, felt like a total badass, only to walk into a situation and find yourself wholly outclassed and under-prepared. If only all of us could call in a favor with a secret and well-funded government agency to help get us out of that situation. If only we were the heroes of an upcoming film called Spider-Man: Far From Home!

That's precisely what happens to a young Peter Parker (you know, Spider-Man?) in a new short from , released on Wednesday. In it, Parker and his friend Ned Leeds show up to a science fair having designed and built a totally legit 10-kilowatt electric motor but are confronted with lasers, smoke and lasers and smoke together when they walk in the door.

To up their chances of winning, Parker calls his government handler and asks to borrow something called "2025" which turns out to be the Audi E-Tron GT concept that debuted in Los Angeles last year. Personally, I think the GT is handsome enough to at least net them a blue ribbon, though a potato Arc reactor is tough to beat.

For those of you who don't remember, the E-Tron GT is a fully battery-electric concept car with light-up badges, an eco-friendly interior made mostly from recycled materials and arguably the best-looking body that Audi has come up with since well, ever.

Look for Messrs. Parker and Leeds in Spider-Man: Far From Home which swings into theaters on July 2.

Audi E-Tron GT concept on the streets of Los Angeles

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